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Media Types and Media Packages
What is a Lyric Video?

A Lyric Video is a Koiné studio audio track with printed text timed out to music.

What is Scored Video?

A Scored Video is a Koiné studio audio track with a notated score and lyrics timed to music.

What is an Accompaniment Video?

An Accompaniment Video is the same video as the Scored or Lyric video but without singers.

What is a ProPresenter file?

A ProPresenter file is a file used by the media presentation software ProPresenter that contains embedded motion videos with lyric and scored PNGs pre-built and ready for point and click use.

What is a PowerPoint file?

A PowerPoint file is a file used by the presentation software PowerPoint that contains embedded still images with lyric and scored PNGs pre-built and ready for point and click use.

What are PNG files?

PNG files have the lyrics or scored layouts with a transparent background. These files can be used in the presentation software of your choosing and can be used as is or placed over the still background or motion background of your choosing.

What is an MP3?

An MP3 is a compressed audio file of a Koiné studio track. The audio quality is suitable for digital transmission but substandard compared to the wav files that exist on the physical cds or iTunes downloads.

What are Chord Charts?

Chord charts contain the lead vocal line and the basic chords for a Koiné arrangement.

What is in Sheet Music?

Each Sheet Music package contains a minimum of 4 sheets of music: Director, Lead Sheet, Piano,and Vocals.

The Director score contains all vocal parts, piano as it’s played on the studio recording, chord frames and any auxiliary instruments.
The Lead Sheet (also found in Chord Charts)contains lead vocal and basic chords.

The Piano score is an arrangement of a Koiné song that is playable completely with the piano. For instance if a song only has a guitar part in the studio track, the Piano score will have that guitar part arranged for piano and so forth.

The Vocals score is simply all the vocal parts for a Koiné studio track.

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