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Media Package

Glory Be to Jesus

Glory Be to Jesus is an aggressive interpretation of this classic Lent hymn. It musically juxtaposes the contemplative Passion of Jesus with the intense imagery of the story of Cain and Abel. The shedding of blood and its implications are the link between the two tales. The graphic package also contains videos to match the lyricist’s tone by showcasing the “sacred veins” of Jesus.

Added on 9 Mar 2019
Glory Be to Jesus
Audio Tracks
  • MP3 Recording with Vocal$0.99
  • MP3 Accompaniment$0.99
Streaming Videos
  • Engraved Scored Video (Basic)$14.99
  • Engraved Scored Video Accompaniment (Basic)$14.99
  • Engraved Scored Video Accompaniment$14.99
  • Engraved Scored Video$14.99
  • Lyric Video with Vocal (Basic)$14.99
  • Lyric Video with Vocal - Wood Scroll$14.99
  • Lyric Video Accompaniment (Basic)$14.99
  • Lyric Video Accompaniment - Wood Scroll$14.99
  • Lyric Video Accompaniment$14.99
  • Lyric Video with Vocal$14.99
  • Scored Video with Vocal (Basic)$14.99
  • Scored Video Accompaniment (Basic)$14.99
  • Scored Video Accompaniment$14.99
  • Scored Video with Vocal$14.99
Sheet Music
  • Chord ChartFree!
  • Director$9.99
  • Lead SheetFree!
  • Piano / Lead Vocals$7.99
  • Lead / Background Vocals$5.99
Presentation Slides
  • Lyric PNG Slides$2.99
  • Scored PNG Slides$2.99
  • Motion Video Background 1$6.99
  • Motion Video Background 2$6.99
  • Motion Video Background 3$6.99
  • Motion Video Background 4$6.99
  • Motion Video Background 5$6.99
  • Motion Video Background 6$6.99
  • Still Image Background 1$2.99
  • Still Image Background 2$2.99
  • Still Image Background 3$2.99
  • Still Image Background 4$2.99
  • Still Image Background 5$2.99
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