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Koiné From The Studio

We All Believe In One True God: Behind The Scenes

Artist Jason Jaspersen describes a complex hymn project that incorporates the Apostle’s Creed, the Trinity,  Babylonian cylinder seals, medieval stained glass, and an unconventional use of computer parts.


Introducing Art Bundles

Art Bundles from Koiné Worship Media provide your worship service with a unified set of beautiful landing slides. Walk together through worship in a way that works with…

Koiné From The Studio

KFTS Ascension Painting

Welcome to Koiné From the Studio! Look behind the scenes and learn “what does this mean?” Jason paints Benj’s feet to get at the moment of Jesus’ ascension.…

Koiné From The Studio

KFTS Palm Sunday

Welcome to Koiné From the Studio! Watch Jason paint Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem as a quiet moment before the storm. Hear commentary on the methods, materials, reasons,…

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