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Turn»Key Worship - Complete Worship Services

The Problem

As a pastor, your time and resources are stretched thin. You want to offer a quality worship experience, but organizing and proofreading presentations, choosing quality music that supports your message, and the high cost of collecting all these materials can be prohibitive.

You can find worship materials in a variety of places online, but the quality and content of these materials are varied. Subscriptions and licensing fees can add up. Plus, you have many roles to fill in your congregation. How much time and effort should worship planning require?

Perhaps you feel your time and talents could be better utilized in other areas of your ministry?

The Solution

At Koiné Worship Media, we understand your frustrations. For over a decade, Koiné has been traveling and leading worship at churches throughout North America.

We’ve planned and presented hundreds of services, working closely with pastors and worship leaders. After talking with them about their frustrations and concerns, we’ve dedicated our ministry to making worship planning easier for the Church.

What do You get?

**This subscription service is still in development, but sign up and get your 2 FREE sample services today! We’ll keep you posted when subscriber registration opens!

As a subscriber, you’ll have access to the upcoming 4-6 weeks of curated liturgical worship. Simply download each week’s files and load them into the presentation software of your choice. We’ll even provide special Sacramental presentations for Baptism and Communion which can be dropped into your services as needed.

You’ll get 52 weeks of worship content which follows the seasons of the church year. This includes:

  • pre-made slides and videos for the order of service
  • bulletin layouts
  • modern hymn arrangements with accompanying videos displaying lyrics or notation
  • Plus, you’ll have access to all other Koiné Worship Media materials

We Want to Help

As a pastor, time can be one of your most valuable resources. Which areas of your ministry could you devote more time if you were provided with quality curated worship?

Maybe you really enjoy or are quite talented with making slides, choosing music, creating presentations and organizing bulletins, but why not delegate those responsibilities to us? With over a decade of worship planning and musical experience, we hope you’ll partner with Koiné.

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